Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage buttons

Like everything in my life at the moment, things get put on hold. I've been meaning to blog about these vintage buttons that I got last year and never got around it. I can blame the PhD or other parts of my life but really it is me. LOL And since the season of Lent is upon us and personal changes are encouraged, I'm trying to do things that I feel I should. Like blogging more often... after all, blogging is a form of reflection. 

Anyway, I got these beautiful vintage buttons at a vintage button sale last year. I got them so I could make jewellery out of them. However, as I was paying for them the lady at the shop told me a little about the history of some of the buttons I got. Apparently some are from the 1920's with distinctive features. Knowing that, it is simply impossible for me to cut or even apply glue to these lovely pieces to make into jewellery. I may have to think again about what I can do with them or even how I can still make jewellery but still preserving these beautiful buttons as best as I can...

Meanwhile, they are still a source of inspiration as they are. :)

from me to u.


  1. Those are some beautiful buttons! There's a (beginner's ;)!! ) crochet diy that has one put buttons into a bookmark. But now that I think about it, I am sure there would be a way to make jewelery in a similar way that would not require one to glue the buttons. And now, there is that diy to embellish shirt collars (there's a great link within that link). In that way, one could always remove the buttons.
    Or, what about making this clay dish in which to display them?
    Tee hee - I had so much fun imagining what to do with those buttons - what a fun thing to share! ^____^

    1. Thank you so much Greta! Those links are going to be quite handy... I already have an idea based on those!!! ^^ When I've finished with what I have in plan, I'll share the photos. ^^


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